Why are we the leading massage center in Business Bay Dubai?

If you love feeling pampered and self-care is important, then Happy Spa in Business Bay, Dubai, is just what you need! Take a break from your hectic and energy-draining lifestyle and step into our massage spa parlor to relax and unwind. Our packages include affordable ranges, which you can avail of in customized and tailored to your expectations. Meet our therapists and forget about back pain and all your discomforts!

The best massage therapy in Dubai relieves your joints and muscles from pain, releases tension from muscle tissues, and makes daily movement easier. Happy Spa ranks top among Dubai’s best massage places. We offer a full range of massage and spa services that suits you best. Our professional therapists include Arab, Moroccan, Russian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

Our Massage Therapists

Diana (Russian)
Sara (Morocco)
Alena (Russian)
Kristina (Brazil)
Alisha (Russian)
Sophia (Pakistani)
Jasmine (Morocco)
Susan (Vietnam)
Catty (Cambodia)

High Quality & Professional Massage Services in Dubai

Relaxation Massage

We all need a break from a chaotic, stressful, and damaging lifestyle. Getting a profoundly relaxing massage therapy that will eliminate toxins from the skin, improves blood flow, and helps to calm your restless mind.

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Thai Massage

Come and experience authentic and traditional Thai massage service in Business Bay, Dubai. Our therapists will help you lower stress levels, boost your energy and mood, and effectively heal injuries.

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Russian Massage​

You cannot experience the best Russian Massage in Business Bay without truly experienced Russian girl therapists. Delve into tried and tested massage practices proven to reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol levels.

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Arabic Massage​

Our Arab therapists work on pressure points throughout the body by using gentle pressure, stimulating blood flow and thereby inducing relaxation of mind and body. Rejuvenate your physical health and heal your injuries with the best Arabic massage in Business Bay, Dubai.

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Moroccan Bath & Jacuzzi

Detox, exfoliate and refresh your skin and hair with authentic Moroccan Hammam Baths. Restore your skin health, achieve younger-looking skin, and improve blood circulation with the best Moroccan Bath & Jacuzzi in Business Bay, Dubai.

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Full Body Hot Oil Massage​

The warm oil helps to penetrate deep into the skin and release the stored toxins from the skin pores. The warmth also helps to relax the nerves and thereby stimulates increased blood circulation.

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Neck & Foot Massage​

Relax yourself with the best foot and neck massage in Business Bay Dubai. Experienced and professional massage therapists, massage rooms with shower in every room at Happy Spa, decorated like a luxury vip massage center in Business Bay, Dubai.

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Indian Massage​

With expert best Indian massage therapists in Business Bay Dubai, we have the truest and purest Indian massage service in Business Bay Dubai. Exclusively designed spaces for your comfort.

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At Happy Spa in Business Bay, Dubai, our therapists will individually consult you to understand your specific needs and expectations and tailor a custom therapy session to address your concerns, such as back pain, stiff muscles, joint pain, and dull-looking skin. Our services will help improve your sleep patterns and thus manage blood pressure and relax you. We are rated 5/5 as the best massage center in Business Bay, Downtown Dubai.

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See what clients say about our services

Happy Spa is one of the best in the Business Bay area. They are professionals and provide great services at affordable charges. My work is too stressful, and from time to time I face migraines and tend to lose sleep. After getting regular full-body hot oil massages, my headaches disappeared, and I felt increased energy and vitality. Love their service!

Richard Douglas

Moroccan baths and massages are great for stress relief. I always go for a Moroccan bath and follow up with a Russian massage. Works great for stiffness in muscles and joints. I feel relaxed and recharged every time I step out of Happy Spa. You should try their services!

Brett Fisher